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Sassy Girl Finance

Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker

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The Sassy Girl Finance Budget Tracker contains everything you need to track your personal finances and get organised to help enable you to achieve your financial goals and keep on top of your budget!

The aim of Sassy Girl Finance is for you to be able to stay (or get) on top of your finances and feel in control, being able to make room for treats if needed so you can carry on being sassy, without feeling overwhelmed.

The tracker can be personalised to suit your needs, regardless of when you choose to start (i.e. if you start in the middle of the year, you can tailor the template to your chosen start date, and still have a full year view included).

You don't need to be an excel whizz either, because the template is automated so does the hard part for you! All you need to do is type in your actual figures, and input your goals!

The Sassy Girl Finance Budget Spreadsheet download contains:

- Zero Based Budget Template - A zero based budget is where your income minus all your expenses (including savings) equals zero. By budgeting this way, you know where every hard earned pound is being spent and can adjust your spending habits to hit your goals sooner such as paying extra into savings, or making debt overpayments to become debt free sooner. Likewise, you shouldn't get halfway through the month and wonder where your money has gone because you told it where to go!

The Zero Based Budget template is automatically calculated so all you need to do is personalise your income and expenses and it will let you know what you have spare or where you may need to make changes.

- Sinking Fund Calculator - Sinking funds are amounts put aside to pay for life's bigger expenses when they come up, so you don't need to panic and put an item on credit, because you know that your sinking fund has you covered. The Sinking Fund Calculator calculates how much you need to save per month to achieve your goals and hit targets.

- Sinking Fund Tracker & Progress Tracker - The Sinking Fund Tracker tracks the actual amount you put away for your sinking funds and the progress tracker shows you how far you are to hitting your totals!

- Savings Tracker - The Savings Tracker tracks all of your savings (eg. sinking funds, emergency fund, house fund, ISA, pensions etc). Your opening balances plus amounts added within the month, to then determine the total amount saved by savings goal, and total amount saved altogether (so you can see how much £££ you have and progress made throughout the year!)

- Debt Payoff Tracker - The Debt Payoff Tracker tracks all debt payments including minimum payments and overpayments. The yearly view shows how much your debt is decreasing each month so you can see what progress you have made, as well as what tweaks you could make to become debt free sooner! The Debt Payoff Tracker also includes the total % of your debt paid each month, as well as total % of debt paid since you started, so you can really see how far you have come.

- Net Worth Tracker - Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities. The net worth tracker automatically calculates your net worth and shows the step change each month based on the rest of your budget. You don't need to do anything, it is all there for you!

- Progress Trackers - There are various sets of cute charts which show your monthly progress throughout the year. These progress tracker charts include net worth trackers, net worth % increase, total savings, savings by goal, total debt progress and debt progress by type.

If you love budgeting and cute spreadsheets, then this tracker is the one for you.

The product provided is an instant excel download and for this reason returns, exchanges and cancellations are not accepted. This file is not to be reshared or distributed to anyone else after purchase.
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